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Alternative Finance

Working capital

It is tough to figure out how much working capital a SME will need in future.  There are too many assumptions.  Alternative financing offers a simple and flexible solution to this problem by being transaction and asset based.  True success will still depend on HOW the SME owner spends the cash.    Many business failures [...]

These are unprecedented times and all levels of government have responded by becoming active in funding small businesses, everything from emergency funds and grants to government guaranteed loans that are done within days. It confirms how important small businesses are to our nation’s overall welfare. Business owners should take advantage of everything that is being [...]

It is a time of change in the world, as I personally experience my own and embark on a new role as a Business Finance Guide. Instead of lending to small businesses I will now help them borrow. My knowledge and experience in alternative business financing, along with the connections I have made, puts me [...]