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True Viking Finance Offer

Consultation, Guidance and Assistance: to help you with your financing challenge so that you can focus on your business. I’ll help you figure out the best funding approach for your business and then prepare you to meet appropriate lenders.  Stop wasting time searching the internet for  financing or chasing sharks and dragons dressed like angels.  I can be your Business Finance Guide and guide you to the shortest, safest and most efficient path to success.

Resources Page: I post a variety of useful articles, information, tools and links for business owners.

Weekly Blog: Every week I write a new Blog about what is new, relevant and important for business owners and financial professionals.

30 Minute Webinars: I am available to groups of business owners, financial professionals and lenders. for informative webinars on alternative or non-bank sources of business finance.

Here is How I Work


I believe in providing value for service and I hope you do too.  If I can help you to solve your current financing challenge and then introduce you to better forms of financing as you become more successful what would you pay me?  I am open for discussion.

In most cases lenders will pay me directly and there is no charge to you.  Amounts are based on success and dollars involved so I'm motivated to help you succeed and grow.  Lenders are happy to pay me for introducing them to a qualified prospect that is professionally presented and prepared for the offer.  When you succeed then everyone succeeds and it's the only way I work.

Your first step is to check out my website, blogs and articles and you will have a good idea about me.   Then it is time for you to introduce yourself to me.

If our conversation goes well and we decide to work together then I will issue you an Engagement Proposal.  Once we've agreed on that then I can get to work for you.  You'll be asked to provide me with financial information and I'll provide feedback and when you are ready I'll introduce you to the best lender.

I'll deal with their questions until it's time to introduce you directly.  If they give you an offer I'll help you to understand the terms and make sure you get the best possible deal.  I'll be by your side until the deal closes.

You may terminate our relationship at any time but I am willing to continue working with you for as long as you like.  Financing a business is a process and some of it takes time and things change.  I'll advise you when it's time to renegotiate with your current lender or move on to a better one.

I can be there to advise and assist with your financing needs as you venture into the unknown.

Let's see what we can do together!

 If you choose to become a Client of True Viking Finance Inc then here are the things I can offer you:

Experience: I've helped finance a lot of small businesses and I've seen both great successes and failures.  I know all the sources of financing that are available, and I know who the better lenders are. I also know what they are looking for, what they like to see and what they do not like to see. I will share my experience and make sure you get the best possible offer and let you know before you enter into a bad one.

Knowledge: I've worked in business finance a long time and although some things have changed a lot remains the same.  I've watched as lenders come and go and I've seen many businesses fail because they picked the wrong lender and/or didn't know how to manage the relationship.  I've worked in a wide variety of industries with both small and mid-sized business owners in every stage of development.  I have a network of skilled business finance professionals who I can tap into as needed.

Communication: I often hear that a lack of communication is the greatest frustration that business owners have with their lenders.  I will manage that for you and make sure that your file doesn't get lost on a desk.  I'll hold lenders accountable for the time they take and keep you posted each step of the way.  I'll also help you to understand the language they speak and explain their offer in terms that you can understand.

Efficiency: I will help you get the best possible deal in the shortest period of time. I know what it takes and how long it takes and I will assist you in getting a deal done that fits your time frame.  You have a business to run with more important things to do than chase down funding sources.  I can also help you look to the future and prepare and guide you as you transition to larger, less expensive and more appropriate forms of financing.

Preparation: I know what each lender likes to see in an application and I can help you prepare one.  I can help you to anticipate their concerns, the questions they will ask and give you suggestions on how to answer them.  I can also help you to anticipate the kind of offer to expect.

Direction: Every business is different and so is the type of financing it needs. Your industry, business stage and your current situation will determine the best approach. We will discuss the options, decide on a game plan and then I will help you execute it. As your business grows, develops, or even changes so will your financing needs. I will help you to anticipate and make that change seamlessly.