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Useful Websites

It is important to understand corporate taxes and here is a site with good information on that topic

This is a good website to access information about government programs and funding that might be available to your business.  

You should take advantage of the information, training, services and funding programs provided by your provincial government (in this case BC). Get some value from your tax dollars!

If you are selling or operating in the US then this site has some good info.  Operating cross has It’s own set of challenges and this site offers advise.

Taking care of your personal finances and taxes is important and if you are challenged with that then here’s a site that might be helpful.

Radiant Freedom Digital Marketing

Jason at Radiant Freedom Digital Marketing has been great at helping me set up my website and blog.  He is very patient and knowledgeable and good at what he does.  He’s also teaching me about SEO.   If you need a new website or need help with the one you have then he is someone to [...]

If you are a western based business and shipping product into the US then this website  could be useful.  Dealing with cross border logistics can be challenging but there are professionals who can handle that for you.

Learning from people who made mistakes is better than listening to people brag about how successful they are.  Check out this site to explore an international movement that was gaining momentum before the pandemic.  Better to learn from someone’s mistakes rather than repeat them.

Here’s a link to lots of FREE online courses on a number of topics related to communication and marketing

If you are looking for an economical and efficient way to employ and outsource projects that you have been meaning to do but never had the time to then check out this site and someone here might be able to do it work for you