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TIME is the Most Valuable Business Asset

The first question that most lenders ask is “how long have you been in business?” If the answer is not “enough” they might not even look at the application. Questions like “what is your background” or “what does the future of your business look like” never get asked. Without TIME in business many business owners feel left on their own. [continue reading…]

So many different scenarios could play out in 2021 that we are certainly heading into unknown times. Business owners should be ready for anything and prepared to act quickly. Now is the time for them to look closely at their cashflow and working capital needs and as business finance professionals we need to prepare for when they do not. [continue reading…]

I have been involved in a lot of business finance transactions so now when someone says, “I’m looking for investors” I cringe and try not to say, “don’t do it”. I have seen too many good people with a good business unable to make the best decision at the right time for their business. Once a piece of Equity is sold then full control of the business begins to erode. [continue reading…]